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Material from mathematics

An old piece from a SIAM’s journal that happens to be always of interest for me

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Mathematicians lives

Well, it began with a random interest in mathematicians lives and now I’m even getting more interested into digging more into their lives and finding out more and more information. Here for example, I made a list with 82 mathematicians … Continue reading

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Beautiful Mathematics

That was one of z earliest inspirations for me as a child on how beautiful math is; it took me pencils n graph paper to visualize it back then. Now z world has changed completely that you draw it upon … Continue reading

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Euler Equation proof

I’ve always been fascinated by the great mathematician, Euler! His equation is incredibly invaluable in almost all fields of engineering and other science areas. Having a blank sheet of paper and a pen, I couldn’t resist writing the proof using … Continue reading


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Uppermost mass of a white dwarf

I was just looking for some material from a quantum mechanics book and I stopped at this beautiful expression which determines z uppermost mass of a white dwarf (dying star) to be stable; see how wonderful it is to see … Continue reading

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Differential Equations

Differential equations are the type of equations that describe dynamic systems, whether they are naturally existing in the vast cosmos or humanly engineered in our universe. Such systems are characterized by having many variables that are changing with respect to … Continue reading

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MYMC 2017

So I’ve been participating in the Mediterranean Youth Mathematical Championship 2017 in Rome, Italy as a chaperon for a group of Egyptian high school students. I had the chance to meet many students, educators and mathematicians from different countries. I … Continue reading

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Object Tracking & Prediction

Well, that’s my course project for the Digital Image Processing course and it’s about detecting a specific object (based on its color or geometry) and tracking it to predict its path in case of obstruction. Initially, we started coding using … Continue reading

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Monte Carlo Localization

I’m currently working on a new project, namely Monte Carlo Localization which is about localizing a robot, i.e., determining its location, based on Monte Carlo methods. The project is actually my course project in computational physics course, but I’m planning … Continue reading

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