Happy Pi Day :)

Still this one is my bets ever 🙂


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Me, science and reasoning

Despite the obvious and fundamental nature of science being useful for solving humanity problems and making our planet a better place to live in, the beautiful face of it is what really makes it so much interesting and exciting to do for living! This aspect is the core reason why I’m never attached to a narrow field or stick to an area of expertise. Solving complex problems that require learning something new and thinking of different approaches is an amazing style of life that stretches my mind and expands my horizon. Reasoning and scientific thinking is what really attracts me to doing science for a living

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My obsession with mathematics <3

its interesting how my obsession with mathematics is leading my passions and paths in life! The title, mathematician” shakens my heart, the inclusion of math into any project is an enough inspirational motivation for me, I visualize my growing dreams as an exponential graph, my perception of music can’t drift from Fourier summation of harmonics, I see people everyday on way to work as a set of vectors belonging to a commuting basis, my eyes won’t stop seeing quiver field for each geometric shape l see whether it’s the sun or pavement, a not-good sleep l feel as a sparse matrix …

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Pi day, Einstein and now Hawking!

I’ve always been obsessed with mathematics because the insight it gives for physics and I’ve been fond of physics for the beautiful description she offers for our universe, or maybe more, and this is true thanks to great minds like you, sir! Stephen #Hawking has always inspired me to learn, wonder and open my eyes to the charming cosmos around us. His books, lectures and even the movie have constituted a vast basis of myself, my passion and my perception of the world; a basis that founded many vectors for education, activities and career …

You left us on Pi day, just like how Einstein boarded z science deck!

Happy Pi day and RIP, Hawking 😦 ❤

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MCL project posted in ECMI blog

So, I got my “Studying Uncertainty for robot localization using Monte Carlo Localization” project posted in ECMI (European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry) blog 🙂

here is the link: https://ecmiindmath.org/2018/01/29/studying-uncertainty-for-robot-localization-with-multiple-sensors-using-monte-carlo-localization/


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ROT 13 with LabVIEW

So what about ciphering text message using LabVIEW? In this tutorial, we explore using ROT13 in LabVIEW; check it here!

Make sure to also check LabVIEW main page here.

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Audio signals with LabVIEW

Now, it’s time to play around with audio files inside LabVIEW. It’s always pretty cool to play with music. So, let’s try out and have some fun playing back the music, plotting it on a graph and do Fourier Transform to see the frequencies chart. Check out here.

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