Adobe Youth Voices has been the program that introduced me to the real meaning of philanthropy and gave me the chance to help many young youth express themselves, build global-wide network and get countless opportunities in their education and careers.

7I first applied to the AYV program to be a site partner in Cairo in 2010 and I got an acceptance notification in early 2011 where I then received an online training in creating digital media and facilitating students artworks. In summer 2011, I launched the first cycle through which, together with my fellow volunteer educators, I conducted a training program for 13-18 years students and monitored their artworks. We finally had an exhibition where students had the chance to express themselves and also they received recognition certificates and also participated in Adobe Aspire Awards competition. It had been an amazing experience, both for us, educators and students.

5In 2012, I was selected to receive an advanced training at Adobe headquarters in San Jose, California to become an AYV lead educator. The whole trip was an awesome experience where I learned a lot, gained new skills, built many friendships and made a dozen of connections with wonderful educators from around the world.


In 2013, I was selected to attend the Adobe Youth Summit in Santa Clara among 100 individuals from everywhere in the world! It was quite an amazing experience for me where I learned, met new people, worked hard on digital media project and made awesome friends from all corners of the globe 🙂