linkediniconMy name is Hassan and my genuine passion goes for science. I’m a true believer in physics while math, for me, is a specially tuned language for seeing the beauty in our universe. I never encounter anything more beautiful than a physics theory put in action by virtue of nature. Anything but a one engineered by a human mind. I love traveling and meeting new people from every corner of the world. I’m curious by nature and so much interested in knowing about different cultures and languages.

I’m originally from Egypt and got my masters degree in robotics engineering and my bachelors  was majoring aerospace engineering while I joined grad school for one year in automatic control of mechanical power systems. I worked in different research projects in vision-based autonomous navigation (focusing on SLAM, Monte Carlo Localization) and at Robotics and Mechatronics Center in the German Aerospace Center in prosthetic robotics. I currently work in aero elastic computations for wind turbines.

Believing in knowledge and committing to sharing and development, I have been working on several development projects, all centered about education. The first and major field I contribute to is STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) education. I’ve founded and led many initiatives for young students, with the aim of getting them inspired about engineering and have a joyful experience out of learning science. My second interesting field is about history for which I’ve invested a lot of time and energy for building various programs and activities to help raise the awareness about heritage conservation and try to make history an interesting area to study.

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