Welcome to my zone on the cyber space! Here, I’m sharing my experiences, knowledge and updates. I’m passionate about science and engineering which happens to be my education and career and you can find 2 tabs for each (science and technical) under which there are some pages with related content. I’m sharing my knowledge/skills and projects I work on. When I add a new content, it normally appears in the Twitter live feed in the right, with a hashtag of #new_content or within the new_content tag in the tag cloud. I’m active in development work and under the Activities tab you can find a lot about it. Away from technical life, I do love photography and film making; some stuff are in Videography page. Finally, Blog tab is actually where my posts land, whether it’s an update for a project I work on, a review on a movie, or simply a picture for a nice place I visit.
STEM Education and Horizon are new tabs I’m working on currently.